V/Line is keen to have open and honest discussion about our services and we have a variety of existing channels where this can be done.

While we're happy to respond to fair criticism, remember that our research community can be accessed by all age groups, so please keep it clean. It's good to hear from you about what we do well (so we can do more of it) as well as what we need to keep improving.

We will moderate and delete aggressive, defamatory, offensive, spam and political comments, content, imagery and video from our research community where we can. (Repeat or serious offenders will be blocked from this service).

We welcome comments and ideas from followers, and will try to join the conversation where possible.

What will V/Line respond to?

This forum is designed for customers to share opinions, thoughts and ideas on how V/Line can improve its service. We'll do our best to respond to general V/Line queries and ideas raised.  For specific feedback and help with individual issues the most reliable way to reach us from 6am to midnight (7 days):

Ph: 1800 800 007 - for timetable information, reservations & sales

Online: www.vline.com.au/home/website/contactus.html

VTalk is generally only responded to during business hours (9am – 5pm weekdays).